Monday, March 22, 2010

Louisville March 2010

Alan and I flew out to visit Katherine and Taurean on Wednesday (St. Patrick's Day)
I don't know why my brain was not hooked up, but I forgot to take pictures of their apt! I got a few shots but, not of all their cute rooms, swimming pool, tennis courts, walking path, work out room etc.
This is the hall way that leads to their apt. and some wonderful "Superman" poses.
Their apartment was so clean and then we moved in our suitcases and stuff and messed it all up! Taurean is the painter of the art work on the wall!
Louisville Temple is right next to a church building and we were supposed to go Thursday night but, I forgot to pack our Temple clothes.
Katherine and Taurean's church building is below and is very close to their apartment. They had Stake Conference on Sunday and split their stake. They held the meeting in two buildings and this Stake Center was packed!
If you send Katherine a letter, just picture this smile on her face!
This is their club house and where her mail box is located. This picture was taken from their hall way. We had a great trip and I will be posting other pictures of our trip soon. Thanks Katherine and Taurean for the wonderful bed, food and tours! We love you.
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  1. Jack asked me the other day if we could fly on an airplane (like Caillou). I said, "where would we go?" He thought for a moment, "We could go see Chica and Torwean in Tucky!" He will be so jealous of you.

    Lookin Good Chica!

  2. I love that you took a picture of your food! Looks like you had a great time.

  3. Jealous......I'll always kind of wish we still lived there.