Monday, March 22, 2010

Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, KY

On Friday of our Louisville trip we ate breakfast here. It is located in downtown Louisville and was very fun! Lynn is an artist, cook, decorator and business woman and was on some food network that Katherine and Taurean had seen.
We ate inside but there was a place (above) for outdoor eating. This tea pot was so fun to watch all the bubbles creating new shapes.

Inside the restaurant the tie lamp was my favorite and yes, those are legs coming out of the wall.

This is what my breakfast looked like. I must be part Japanese for taking pictures of my food!
Notice the tree in the background with lamps hanging upside down! These pictures do not do this place justice.
And of course a horse toaster with bread and all! The tables were all old 50's type tables with all different type chairs. The food was expensive for breakfast but I would go again to see what she adds to the decor!
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  1. Definitely one of the most famous places to eat in Louisville.....and word on the street is that no breakfast can compare.

    Sad thing is, Jim and I never forked over the money to eat there when we lived in Louisville. Next time we visit......