Monday, June 1, 2009

Excitement in the Sky

Tonight we had some big rain on the west side of the valley. Notice the golfers out on the green. Rain doesn't stop them!
We had beautiful clouds and sunshine on the east side and...
In the middle of the valley we had 4 jet fighters escorting an airplane! Nine Eleven comes to mind.
Well, that's what it looked like at 7pm tonight. The sound of the jets were very loud.
I love my camera! I turned on KSL radio and found out it is Armed Forces week and they were doing fly overs (maybe for the Buzz game).
People were calling 911 and the radio and TV stations to report it. You can all be proud of me. I was not one of those people calling in! And that's what we did for FHE! I just looked at Tom's site and his pictures are awesome! But, he does have a BIG camera. I still like my pictures, I have valley views!


  1. Good pictures, It took the kids forever to wind down and fall asleep. Those jets combined with all the thunder and lightening was the most excitment they've seen in a long time.

  2. I heard them too but everytime I went out to see them they were was frustrating!