Friday, June 19, 2009

Adventures in Babysitting

Ang and Vince left for Lake Powell on Sunday, so I get to tend! John went on a camp out on Wed. and so Liz, Joshua and Savannah are staying over too. One BIG sleep over party!! Playing with cousins is great fun!
Brooke is in toy heaven...
Joshua is a great teacher and fun pal for Jack.

Savannah, the binkie is for Brooke! Just kidding.. Savannah has turned out to be a very good baby sitter, but is still in training.
Jack is doing the "stay-in alive" dance in the new bounce castle. Fun time with cousins..
This is how Brooke spends most of her time at Grandma's.
The bounce castle is a new addition to the Wheatley play house of toys. It is a very big hit! It fits very nicely in the basement family room.
We even have some balls for added fun. There are 200 balls in the bouncer and it looks like ten! Party on kids! Grandma is hanging in there and loving every minute of tending, although I haven't put on any make up in a week or done my hair (which is probably a good thing)! No time for such things. Actually, it has been a great break from the make up-hair thing, but I am staying home and inside. I would scare the neighbors if I were to venture out! But, the kids look great!!

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  1. Thanks grandma for a great weekend of fun!!! We had a blast.