Sunday, May 3, 2015

Fruit Market

We have walked the streets of Rosario for almost 9 months and today we found a treasure that we have not seen before.  We walk this street every other day and just noticed this street fruit market.

In Rosario customers do not touch the produce, the shop owner picks out the fruit and bags it for you.  This gal was also wearing a plastic glove to touch the fruit!  She is my kind of gal! Below notice that to the side of Alan's head is a red cage with a beautiful little yellow canary bird, Tweety!!

Inside her little store was lettuce!!  You don't see much lettuce because they can't get it clean enough to eat. So, their salads consist of shredded carrots, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs.

When you do see lettuce it is all wilted and yucky.  I did notice that she had a frig. in her back area and so maybe that is why her greens looked great!  Her little market was so clean and organized! This will be our twice a week fruit stop from now on!!

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