Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fall in Rosario

It's Fall in Rosario

We are seeing lots of yellow and red colors.

Squash and pumpkins of every size and shape are in the market.

These potatoes are in the store to buy and they actually look pretty clean.  I've seen so much dirt on them that you can't see what color they are. These pictures look better than what they really are, most are caked in mud! In fact, these pictures are considered washed!

 Grocery carts are very interesting in our Coto market. They never push straight and they all are very dirty! This has nothing to do with fall, but the dirt covered potatoes made me look at my dirty cart.

Trees on the street where we live are changing from green to yellow and leaves are falling all over the sidewalks!! With all the leaves on the streets it makes it hard to see where the dog poop is on the streets!!!  We have to really watch the sidewalks now.

Leaves are falling all around, on the roof tops on the ground......
Happy Fall Argentina!

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  1. You can carve a pumpkin w a flag on it for the 4th of July. Love your post.