Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Water Tanks in Rosario, Argentina

Every roof in Rosario has a water tank. 
These pictures are just a few outside my apartment windows.

Some water tanks are covered by cement blocks and other are just left open. It is summer in Argentina and right now the water comes out of the faucet very warm because it is so hot outside!  It just heats up our water tank, think solar water heater!! 

Let's play, how many water tanks can you find in each picture??

They come in all different sizes and colors.  Some are big and white and look new, some look like they are cement and others you might think are just a barrel sitting on the roof top, but they're not!!

If there is ever an earthquake down here these tanks of water are going to be falling everywhere!

Below, the water tanks are big and white and look new. I maybe could drink the water out of the faucet in that building (maybe).  The picture below on the right, no way,  I couldn't drink the water from that.  Our roof top has a cement wall around our water tank, I doubt it looks like the pretty white ones on top of the building below.   So to be clear about the water, I don't drink the water out of the faucets. Our building maintenance man said there is no filter on the water from our tank and Alan still drinks out of our faucet! He is a very brave man!

I drink this Villa de Sur, Pura y Liviana water. Which probably came out of some other faucet, oh well it makes me feel like it is good water! Thank you Alan for hauling it up 5 flights of stairs every other day!!!

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