Thursday, February 12, 2015

Buenos Aires, "Villa 31"

We were headed into Buenos Aires from the airport with John and Liz to see the city and looked out our window and we saw a Dish satellite antenna hanging right next to the freeway overpass rail! Our driver said it was the Villas! These shacks are right up against the freeway guard rails, almost touching!! I quickly took these pictures and then we were moving too fast to take any more. It was scary!

Police don't even go into this area.  We have seen a very small area like this in Rosario, but this was so big and crazy because it was touching the freeway!!

 The pictures below (I found on the web) were taken along time ago because the housing projects are about 4 stories higher now.  They are right up to the guard rails on this over pass below. They just keep building on top of the old ones and most apartment units only had 2-3 walls with one totally open to the freeway.

"These settlements consist of small houses or shacks made of tin, wood and other scrap material. Generally, the streets are not paved and narrow internal passages connect the different parts. The villas miseria have no sanitation system, though there may be water pipes passing through the settlement. Electric power is sometimes taken directly from the grid using illegal connections, which are perforce accepted by suppliers.
The villas range from small groups of precarious houses to larger, more organised communities with thousands of residents. In rural areas, the houses in the villas miserias might be made of mud and wood. Villas miseria are found around and inside the large cities of Buenos AiresRosarioCórdoba and Mendoza, among others. The villas draw people from several backgrounds. Some are local citizens who have fallen from an already precarious economic position. In most cases, a villa miseria is populated by the children and grandchildren of the original settlers, who have been unable to improve their economic status." wikipedia

Talk about slums getting out of hand to the point that police won't go into an area and then it just keeps getting bigger, year after year, it is so sad and scary .

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