Thursday, January 29, 2015

Visitors From Utah

Look who came to visit us! It took them 3 days flying standby on Delta to get here!  But they look fabulous for spending 3 days in various airports and 2 red eye flights to get here!

FYI, the Buenos Aires Temple is very close and on the way to the International Airport! The Argentina MTC is also located on the Temple area.

We did a little sight seeing in BA. Plaza de Mayo (1810) and Casa Rosada (1850)
which is the pink (originally painted with ox blood) office of the President of Argentina, think Evita Peron (Don't cry for me Argentina)

Below is the Metropolitan Cathedral (1827), the twelve pillars represent the 12 apostles.  Silver Rococo altar glistening in the picture below.

Jose de San Martin (liberator of Argentina from Spain) is buried (pict below) in the Metropolitan Cathedral!!! He has a tomb just like Napoleons' in Paris! Pope Francis was at this Cathedral when he was called to be Pope.

We did lots of drive by sight seeing of monuments in BA since we were limited on time.  We drove by the Teatro Colon Opera House (1889), Plaza de La Republica (1936, Obelisco) and the waterfront district. We drove through a section of Palermo Woods Park (989 acres) which is much bigger than our Central Park in NY(778 acres). But the most marvelous thing we did was tour the Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, I will blog about this later! (Incredible)

When we got back to Rosario we introduced John and Liz to everyone we know! Bless their hearts they slept on a futon couch that is in our apartment and we bought a blow up mattress to put on top of the futon couch.  John's feet hung over the edge of the futon!  We went on a 2hr walking tour in Spanish and English (pictured below with our tour guides), shopped, ate and some friends invited us to an Argentina Asado and we showed John and Liz the Flag monument and sweated most of the days! The weather turned out to be pretty good while they were here.  When they left we got some really hot/humid days!

And then the very sad day came that they had to return to Sandy Utah and their children!

We put them on a four hour bus ride to BA and then they had to take a cab to the airport.  And then I was very sad for 2 days! Oh, wait... I am still sad!

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