Saturday, September 18, 2010

Snow White

I think I am the luckiest person around because I have been to two, yes two, Tea Parties where *Snow White* has appeared! My niece threw together a last minute affair and invited me and Brooke who I was tending while her mom, dad and brother Jack were in Disneyland seeing Mickey! As you can see she was a bit nervous around the other party goers. (Oh, I need to thank Aunt Liz for lending us Brooke's Snow White dress and head band).
And then we found the "magic" of an apple in getting a little someone to stand in a group picture!
And then "She" Snow White appeared and she had an apple to entice Brooke to come sit by her but.... it took a pair of shoes...
Brooke's shoes, that is, to see if they would fit the beautiful Snow White.
In case your wondering, the shoes didn't fit... you know this is Snow White, not Cinderella!
Let the Punch Tea Party begin! Brooke couldn't believe that she was being aloud to drink from a regular cup and not one that had a lid attached! Best Tea Party ever!!!
Soooooooo good!!!!!

Snow White had a beautiful wood book and pictures.
Look........ Look, Snow White left red lip stick on her cup and she was a good girl and ate all her cake.
And so did this little princess too.
Once upon a time has turned into twice upon a time for me and yes it was stillllll magical!! Thank you Snow White, thank you Marcie and thank you Aunt Karen for letting Brooke and I have a wonderful, magical, fun "happily ever after" time!
PS. Snow White said she was going to hurry back to Disneyland to see Brooke's brother Jack with her friend Mickey Mouse!


  1. Looks like fun. I'm thinking I might become one of these princesses. Forget college

  2. You are so funny! I think you need to go to Disneyland.