Monday, May 3, 2010

Pug Nose Dog

I have a little Pug nose dog who likes to go for rides with Mickey and our family of monkeys seems to like to snuggle with her too.
Our Muffy-wanna-be-stuffed dogs are pals with her too. She is very popular and has many friends.
She even likes to visit the dogs in our Barbie house...
Please forgive Barbie, she is not dressed properly for company.
She is a friend to one and all.
Aunt Karen rescued this little pug nosed dog from a very crowded store and knew she would have a loving home here. She spends hours with the Travelocity gnome just looking out the window on their kingdom.
One day she found Muffy's bed and play toys and felt so at home
She knows that she would have been bestest friends with Muffy.
She is hoping for a picture like this with Katherine and Abby.
Muffy is her Idol and is wondering if Katherine's good friend Amy would some day paint her portrait. Although she knows she will have to be deceased in order for this to happen, so she is willing to wait awhile. If you would like to see one of her cousins you must rent or purchase the movie "Life with Father" with William Powell and Irene Dunne (1947). It also has Elizabeth Taylor in it. It is one of our favorite movies to watch. And when we are referring to certain money woes we say, "it is the pug nose dog syndrome"! Watch the movie and you will see. And that is how we came to love a little pug nose dog, named Pug. Thank you Aunt Karen for giving Pug a nice warm home!


  1. You must be doing what I am doing....putting off getting ready for this trip! It's a little overwhelming, and yet here I sit....BLOGGING!

    My favorite picture is most definitely the one where the Gnome and the Dog are looking over their kingdom.

  2. You are over stressed and have now totally flipped out. Seriously are you OK? But I did love the post especially the window shot. Get some rest!

  3. Yes, it's true, I have totally flipped out!

  4. Well, I think you have a very entertaining and creative mind while trying to escape from reality! It's good to know Pug is so happy at your house.

  5. Please bring the dog to Israel! It will be like flat stanley

  6. This is great. Makes me miss Muffin even more than I already do. Oh and doing that portrait was a pleasure :)