Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Place of Rest

I love a good Cemetery and they have some great ones in Jerusalem. The picture above is showing the Dome of the Rock, the Mercy Gate (sealed up nice and tight until Christ comes again) in front of the Dome of the Rock and a cemetery in front of the old city wall.
This is Jack Marshall our tour/scripture guide taken from the Orson Hyde Park on the Mount of Olives with the cemetery in the back ground.

The garden tomb...

This was taken from the Mount of Olives looking down on these tombs. They still use this cemetery! Wait, they still use all of them (bones on top of bones)!!
Below is a Muslim cemetery.
Below is a little German Cemetery where two LDS missionaries are buried. These two missionaries are the reason why we have the Jerusalem center and the Orson Hyde park on the Mount of Olives. They died from a plague and their bodies were not able to be shipped home and so they were buried in Jerusalem and so the Church was able to claim a presence in Israel from 1892. And thus the Church was able to buy and lease land in Israel. This is a miracle how this all took place. Their markers are the ones with half a pillar representing that their lives were cut down in their prime. One of the missionaries was Adolf Haag who was born in Germany and immigrated to Payson, Ut and the other missionary was John Clark from Farmington, Ut. John Clark's father designed and payed for the markers for their graves. The Mount of Olives is a very small area and for the Church to have the Jerusalem Center and the Orson Hyde Park area is unbelievable! I believe in Miracles and this is one!


  1. Lots and lots of cemeteries. I can't believe that we have already been home for a week. I'm still tired.

  2. I find it odd....
    You like cemeteries, in fact you said that more than once on the trip.
    However, you don't like flowers because they remind you of funerals.
    You are a complex woman.
    But that is the way we like you ;)

  3. Ang you are right, I say everything more than once! I am a big repeater of things and I know where it comes from, grandma. Be careful, you become your mother, warn Vince now!