Thursday, July 16, 2009

4th of July

It all started on the 3rd of July with water fun activities and ended on the 5th of July with an empty house and no noise!

This little Idaho beauty had fun too.
...and the rockets red glare... these little beauties from Walmart are a blast!
Bike decorating and chalk drawing of which non of the beautiful chalk masterpieces can be seen in this picture, but Josh looks great!
Food. Of course there is always Food! Wait a minute there is no food on this table!
1st annual talent show of which will be an annual event
thumbs up, knees together....
This picture is out of order but it couldn't be left out! Grandpa went fishing and to the baseball game with us.
Hold your Torches of Liberty high!
Annual sleep over on the deck. We found out that the deck is no longer big enough, so next year tents are coming out!
4th of July breakfast before the big fishing trip
Fishing for the old and the young. Everyone gets a fishing pole!
This is what we did while the big guys went fishing: painting, moon sand, bubbles and our own version of fishing with plastic fishing poles.
Buzz baseball game and Joshua's fly ball! Next year we will bring our mitts. You had to pay attention to the game or you would get hit in the head with a ball!
Pinata fun and Savannah had the perfect dress to match the event

Happy 4th of July to all and to all a good night!!


  1. Looks like fun, You just needed a birthday cake for Taurean

  2. I woke up 4th of july morning and new you where all eating belgium waffles with strawberries, sleeping on the deck, ect... the usual routine. But wow this year was packed with even more activities. Breakfast, fishing, swimming, torches, chalk, talent, baseball, fireworks. You hit it all.