Tuesday, July 28, 2009

1st Grade School Shopping

Joshua is starting 1st grade in August so grandma(me) took him shopping for school clothes. My mom started this tradition for kindergarten with her grandchildren and I am going to carry it on with my grandchildren when they start 1st grade. We went school shopping early because mom could have the baby any day (I hope not for 2 weeks).
First: we had lunch at Bajio
Second: we bought tons of clothes (don't let the sign fool you, I don't think we found 50% off anything but we did have our coupons)
Third: we got ice cream for all the good little shoppers. Savannah got to come along because a sitter was no where to be found and of course mom got to come. We love you Joshua!

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  1. Josh is a "Well-Trained-Man", already carrying the bags! Good Job Liz and Mom!