Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween

It was pretty scary at our house this year. If the grand kids were older we could have had a very good haunted house in our house. We are under construction and held the party in the basement where there is carpet and a toilet! Notice my little kitchen with Microwave and toaster, that's all I've got.
We had some monkeying going on and a very cute little giraffe waiting for cousins to show

Of course it is a costume party and we were a little short of some of the family

We are Wheatie people and I added the mickey accents because I want to go see him and they were orange!!
Fish pond! Thanks Popeye for helping out
Halloween Bingo is always a hit with prizes worth up to $$'s.
It was rainy, windy and cold, but cute trick or treaters!! The wind was blowing so hard that it blew Josh's umbrella inside out!
Help, I'm wet and cold and was scared by a dog and cat!!!!!! No candy in that little pumpkin. Happy Halloween 2010!

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