Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You Better Watch Out

Some of my favorite Santa's! I love "You better watch out" picture and Jazzy Santa plays "Santa Clause is coming to town" (reminds me of Tom's saxophone playing days)
Alan made this wood Santa years ago and it still is a keeper and wouldn't be Christmas without it.
Everyone loves Mr. Potato Head Santa with his pink ears...HoHoHo!
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  1. I didn't know dad made the wooden santa. I thought it was Ang's creation from Janis Kearl's painting class

  2. Where did you get Potato Head Santa....he's cute.

  3. Target/Toys-R-Us(toys-r-us had them a few weeeks ago)

  4. We're still debating. We have reservations at the Zermatt, but the Homestead across the street (which we normally stay at) was offering rooms for like $50 for tonight.

    We think when we get up there we'll see if the Zermatt will give us the same price as the Homestead is offering. The kids wanted to try out the Zermatt because of the indoor carousal in the lobby.