Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where did October go?

Halloween Party at the Wheatley's was full of mice and fun!
We played Halloween Bingo with prizes up to dollars as some of the kids found out
The fishing was good and throwing pumpkin balls took alot of energy
I'm not sure that I could have looked any worse in this picture. I have got to plan a costume for next year that I look better in!

Help Grandpa Day for Grandpa Lester was held on the same day as our Halloween Party. So we traveled up to Tremonton and then came back for the party.
Grandpa Lester decided to sell some of his famous apples. This year we had the great grand- children dress-up in their Halloween costumes and play a game or two.
Grandpa showed us all how to handle a bat!
Little Angels even got into it
Jack was almost over powered with the bat, but he still got a good wack at the star thing or what ever it is

Cutie-Pie Cousins

Work, work and more work...
Help Grandpa Day is always fun we help clean, fix computer troubles, pick and clean apples with the cousins
Worker Jack is on the job ready to help Great Grandpa! We had a grrreeeaat October!

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  1. Looks like we missed out on another great month! At least I'll be home to catch the end of December and the beginning of November

  2. whoops, I meant to say the beginning of January, not November