Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brookes 1st Birthday

We celebrated Brooke's Birthday on Saturday the 10th and she was a very happy little girl, even with no nap! It was also a very good day for Jack because he got to open the presents!

Ang made the cutest bib and 3 cup cake cakes. One for Brooke, one for Jack and one for us! Brooke enjoyed the cupcakes and so did her face and hair!

This is our cute little frog after she enjoyed her birthday cake!
Aunt Karen rode up to Idaho with me to return Jack and Brooke home. Aunt Karen had a car kit full of goodies for Jack and Brooke's rode trip. Aunt Karen got to change a diaper, sit in the back seat between Jack and Brooke, feed lunch to brooke and was entertainer of the year to two cute little kids! Jack loves the fishies toys and Brookes pink purse! I dropped Karen off in Idaho Falls to ride back to Utah with Uncle Kevin and Jason who were doing a gun class there. Nothing like 5 hours on the road! Thanks Aunt Karen!

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  1. OH dear, we should have left me out of the pictures :) Thanks for all your help this week, no month, no year! What would I do without you! Can you just move in with me :)