Monday, August 3, 2009

Rigby Adventures

We went to Rigby on Friday and experienced a very close encounter of the airplane kind! He was much lower out of my rear view mirror. I thought he was trying to land. Alan was even nervous.

Ang, Jack and Brooke did a little camera work for a Handstands projcet and Jack was showing us his skills with the ball.

Lunch at Wingers was great and everyone behaved themselves. Brooke was entertaining all the neighbors!
Sunday night in Draper was filled with a post man and lots of mail floating around to everyone. Needless to say all the children were very busy and very well behaved.

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  1. I bet that airplane was doing a little crop dusting. We get those kind of airplanes near our house. We sit out on the porch and watch them. Sometimes it feels like the airplane is going to land on the house. It is amazing!!

    Looks like you enjoyed your trip to Rigby!! New grandbaby yet??