Thursday, May 7, 2009

Disney World Revisited April 28th 2009

Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom.
Donald is my kind of fisherman.
Little white fluffs that were left on our bed every day!
Mickey enjoying a nice afternoon.
This poor man took much verbal abuse about driving around Disney streets! We love you Dad.
Wilderness Lodge... Home Sweet Home.
Excitement was all around at the Play House Disney Show.
Josh's favorite ride - Rockin Roller Coaster!
Drawing class for the kids!
Up close and personal with a long neck on safari at the Animal Kingdom.
We got the Kitchen Sink and I think Taurean took care of most of it!
Dancing in the street during a parade at the Magic Kingdom. It was so hot!
The best thing at the Magic Kingdom is a Dole Whip! Very refreshing!
Daisy taking the boys for a walk in the woods. Gota love this duck!
Boat ride to the Magic Kingdom from the Wildernes Lodge. It was so hot in Florida.
Dumbo's cute little tail with two cute kids flying.
Yes, I have a picture to prove that I rode the Everest ride in the Animal Kingdom and yes I hated every minute of it. Picture of the mountain is below.

Katherine and Taurean came with Alan and I to celebrate their graduation from BYU.
Abby got off work to come and play with us and show us her life in Florida.
Liz and family met up with us our last 3 days. They stayed in a condo and got a great deal.
Liz is finally getting a belly! Savannah wanted to know when my baby was due!

Savannah has a new favorite ride in Hollywood Studios, Tower of Terror! I call it child abuse, but she likes it!
Four adult legs in one little tea cups equals ouch!!! We had smiles of pain.
Toy Story Mania is a blast!

We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and loved it. They have a geyser that goes off every hour just like Yellowstone! Abby thanks for your wonderful discount so we could stay there.

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