Saturday, February 7, 2009

Disney World Here I Come!!!

On Monday I am heading off to Orlando to visit Abby in Orlando! She has a few days off, and I decided to go to Florida VERY LAST MINUTE. I just made my reservations earlier this week!
I'm flying all by myself, so let's hope I make it there alive. Abby has told me that she has the whole trip planned out (where we'll be eating, what shows to see, where to shop and most importantly, where to sleep). I'll be staying in the Contemporary Disney Hotel which has monorail access from it's lobby, and a walking path to the Magic Kingdom, which will really save me time-rather than riding busses. Let's just pray I survive the grueling schedule Abby has in store for me.


  1. Love the blog, luv the bugs, love it all!

  2. Love everything about your blog! As usually you are still creative, fun and doing a great job at family. I just read most of your kids blogs and I am overwhelmed at how adorable, happy and successful they are. You and Alan have done a great job! I miss you, so lets get together soon. Love ya, Becky Davies

  3. Hi Karla! I'm so happy you have a blog! We never get to see you guys so now we can keep up with all that you're up to. Our blog is Have fun on your trip to Orlando. That sounds like a lot of fun!